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What are some warning signs that you should see a therapist?

What are some warning signs that you should see a therapist?

Several people come across unpleasant events in their lives wherein it is imperative to restore normalcy in their lives. These individuals exhibit restless behaviour and require therapeutic sessions to overcome their misery. Medical discourses suggest that cognitive therapy ensures restoring their mental balance and is a harbinger of a positive attitude.

Medical institutions such as Maarga Mind Care have a stream of therapists who adhere to clinically synchronized procedures to successfully suppress delusional thoughts among patients. Also, fine-tuning psychological treatments with the patient’s disposition and personality prevent conflict of interest.

Here’s a rundown of the circumstances in which one must see a therapist:-

Demonstrating feelings of sadness, melancholy and guilt

When people are overwhelmed by emotions, they vent out their spleen by displaying bouts of anger. The disproportionate panic, depressing perspectives, melancholic stream of thoughts and toxic mental tapes make life go haywire.

Discussing specific life events with a counsellor is essential as he/she can advise folks who suffer from hallucinations and have a distorted version of reality. In 1702, a physician coined a term “Vapours” to describe bouts of anger and temperamental disparities.

Orlando theory highlights the proactive behaviour of nurses to gauge patient responses and provide accurate medical assessment to the psychologists. The top 10 psychiatrist in Bangalore has a well-equipped psychiatric clinic to cater to the patients.  

Online communication with a psychotherapist might prevent patients from going into an appalling void immersed with negative vibrations.

Besides, it is said that mental health issue patients are survivors as they victoriously battle their relapses or nervous breakdowns. At times, individuals remain in their cocoons, stay aloof and isolated.

Moreover, reflecting on one’s behaviour, analysing the reactions and practising mindfulness techniques help manage hyperactive tendencies. Psychiatric medicines may have some side effects but these are required to restore balance.

Being happy for no reason is always worthwhile. Jennifer Gomez, an assistant professor of Psychology says that expressing a range of emotions is the essence of life.

Undergoing relationship trauma

Flashbacks and nightmares of unsuccessful relationships or unpleasant circumstances take a toll on people’s health. Having a dysfunctional family unit, coming from broken homes, or suffering a trauma and eliciting embarrassing responses inhibit a person and he/she is unable to live a normal life.

When children experience situations in which their family members throw them a cold shoulder, they develop self-esteem issues. It is vital to come out of the spell of disdain and develop a family cohesion that creates inter-dependency.

Often young adults demonstrate fearful/anxious behaviour that is a matter of concern and requires immediate help. The underlying causes could be a lack of family closeness, diminishing demarcated boundaries and pointless realisations.

It is crucial to express your thoughts and provide space/ privacy to your loved ones. Sorting trust issues and cancelling out the negative patterns helps people blossom in a relationship.

Extending a helping hand to people in times of distress has proved to elevate self-esteem and cure inferiority complex issues. You can Google the best psychologist near me and count on his/her family counselling sessions that might help you cherish your bonds.  

Dr. Joan Cook, a clinical psychologist remarks that positive mental health is the cornerstone of one’s personality. Also, there is no point in accumulating wealth and treasures when one is trapped by mental cobwebs.

Having severe digital addiction

Nowadays, children are diagnosed with an internet addiction disorder because of prolonged use of digital devices. At times, people doom scroll on several social media platforms or digital profiles out of helplessness that makes them feel worse about their condition.

Drawing parallels with other social media users provides them with some respite from their emotional conundrums but sometimes can lead to a downward spiral. Research reports point out to the fact that digital addiction is similar to pathological gambling in which a person falls into a vicious circle.

Interestingly, media psychologists remark that digital users consume content passively as well as actively. Digital media affects one’s consciousness and folks often go into a spiral of silence due to the inability to express their thoughts.

Coming across humungous work or academic stress

Remarkably, Florence Nightingale’s environment theory highlights that psychological, social and emotional environment contributes to one’s mental equilibrium.

Employees who undergo workplace stress must orient themselves to the intricacies of the office. It is advisable to be the best version of yourself at the workplace, exhibit courtesy and do justice to your work.

Taking breaks, indulging in water-cooler sessions and striking a balance between professional and personal life yields great results. Similarly, school-going students need to manage their study schedules and try to read each subject every day. The psychology doctor in Bangalore remarks that small and consistent efforts prevent mental fog and exhaustion and foster an all-rounder attitude.

Having an unregulated circadian rhythm

It is important to listen to one’s biological clock and sleep like a baby after finishing the day’s errands. Psychopathologists suggest that a tsunami of thoughts can be silenced by practising meditation exercises, transcending worldly reflections and acknowledging the seat of the soul in the pineal crystals.

According to researchers, the levels of cortisol start increasing in the body after sunset that trigger the brain to retire and call it a day. That is why it is always good to sleep in the night and be awake during light hours.

Spending time in the morning sunlight is great as it produces vitamin D that is responsible for the production of mood-enhancers called serotonin. Also, one must also have faith, take deep breaths and recall the times they could be grateful for things.

Doing this practice in the morning upon waking up and not get out of the bed immediately, usually sets the tone for the day. This is because all parts of the brain do not wake up simultaneously and take time to rise from a carefree sleep.

Indulging in alcohol and smoking

Witnessing a loss of appetite is a symptom of a mental health disorder. Science suggests that a decline of gut bacteria, anorexia, bulimia and falling haemoglobin levels in the blood make cognitive functions go astray.

People who give into excessive drinking have different perspectives, live in denial and undergo constant personality changes. Instead finding “me” time, inculcating humour in life and being mindful of one’s calorie intake are great coping mechanisms.

Also, the psychologist in Bangalore recommends not going overboard with merry-making and listening to one’s inner voice. Christine Moutier, the Chief Medical Officer of American Foundation opines that seeking psychiatric counselling does not affect one’s status quo. You don’t become less of a person of you visit the doctor for psychological consultation.


If you want to know more about psychotherapy sessions, then visit Maarga Mind Care. You can schedule an online consultation with a professional psychiatrist.  Moreover, you can browse the website that has well-written blogs about aspects of mental health.

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