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Treating Bipolar Disorder: Exploring Different Approaches and Techniques

Treating Bipolar Disorder: Exploring Different Approaches and Techniques

With the rise in mental health disorders in India, bipolar is one that is something to reckon with. It affects people from different walks of life and begins from the age of 25.

Globally, it affects 0.51% of the human population and makes upsets the applecart. The stigma around mental health in India often fashions the perspectives of society, affects the country’s youth and takes a toll on the sufferer.

Bipolar disorder is one in which a person undergoes fluctuating moods, encounters a form of manic depression and is dissociated from reality. The neurocognitive disorder is defined by constant relapses and altered mental states. Folks often Google the best social anxiety therapist near me to free themselves of the woes of neurodevelopmental disorders.


An individual might be vulnerable to danger, have racing thoughts, perspire more than often and fall victim to catastrophic thinking patterns.

Also, the condition is accompanied by speech impairment, metabolic changes, rapid heartbeat, high prolactin levels and an imbalance of hormones. Memory lapses, cloudy thinking and haphazard chain of thoughts mar the quality of life and are the prominent signs of stress and anxiety.


Experiencing excessive stress, being prone to academic/work pressure, having social anxiety, being surrounded by self-fulfilling prophecies and living in impoverished conditions causes bipolar disorders.

A couple of depressive episodes lead to impaired thinking, seasonal disorders and an unstable mental condition. This affects one’s ability to socialize with people leading (sociality), lack of motivation (avolition) and a vicious thought cycle (alogia).


The main objective of the best bipolar disorder treatment centres in Bangalore India is to ensure a level of mental stability in one’s life. Tricyclic anti-depressants help control the condition. Also, anti-epileptic drugs help cure bipolar depression which leads to the regulation of serotonin.

The best mental hospitals in India have a panel of doctors who prescribe lithium-infused medication, valproate drugs, immunogenic medicines, olanzapine and atypical anti-psychotics that result in the improvement of one’s mental condition.

Also, long-term disease modification technique encompasses the use of CBT, ECT, magnetic resonance therapies and MRI scanning. These diagnostic treatments let patients heave a sigh of relief.

During some of the procedures such as ECT, the doctors make use of electric current to make alterations to the brain structure and promote the exchange of chemical signals across the neural pathways.

The best therapist in Bangalore recommends psychosocial treatments, pharmacotherapy and classical/operant conditioning to eradicate the disease from its essence.

It is important to identify the root cause of the neurodevelopmental issue, help the patients connect to their real selves, merge the conscious and unconscious and provide emotional support or situational encouragement.

In addition to this, psychoeducation helps people comprehend the nature of depressive symptoms and keep mental illnesses at an arm’s length. Family focussed therapy (FFT) helps people develop positive relationships with their loved ones and enjoy their camaraderie.

Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT) emphasizes on the importance of regulating the circadian cycles to restore normalcy in life. Moreover, it is important to have a strong peer support and participate in community groups that highlight the importance of having a strong mindset.

In order to prevent comorbidity, it is necessary to undergo screening tests and identify the precursors or triggers. Being on one’s toes, doing some form of movement, keeping oneself hydrated, consuming a balanced diet and maintaining a work-life balance works wonders to cure psychological issues.

To conclude, treating bipolar disorders has been quite challenging for psychiatrists as there are chances of relapse and troublesome personality issues associated with them. If you come across several problems, then you might visit the rehabilitation centre in Bangalore for alcoholics.


With the use of advanced medical technology, it has become simple to treat several mental ailments. To know more about bipolar treatment, visit Maarga Mind Care wherein skilled psychiatrists do their best to help people lead normal lives.

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