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Suicide Prevention Helpline. How Can Maarga Help Prevent Suicides?

Suicide Prevention Helpline. How Can Maarga Help Prevent Suicides?

Tragic health issues can have a deep impact not just on an individual’s physical health, but on his mental health as well. So much so that if the issue gets complex and how of hand, it can lead to an individual committing suicide and ending his life in despair.

Experts associated with the best research centre on Mental Health explain that it is essential to recognize the multifaceted nature of suicidal behaviour, including the high-risk factors that can lead to it.

While causes of anxiety and depression known to lead to drastic actions like suicide are well-known, there are certain other possible cause that can be looked at.

Possible causes of Suicide

Drug and alcohol addiction can contribute to suicidal attempts.

  • Mental Health Challenges

    Individuals battling depression and anxiety due to causes like work life balance or legal disputes.

  • Traumatic life events

    Events such as heavy losses incurred in businesses or properties can deeply impact an individual’s mental balance.

  • Isolation

    Feeling of loneliness due to lack of social support.

  • Substance Abuse
  • Genetic factors

    Genetic and hormonal imbalances over a prolonged period can contribute to suicides.

How Maarga can help prevent Suicides?

MaargaMindcare has been handling complex cases related to mental disorders. When it comes to severe complications that can lead to suicide attempts, our team of experts have been successfully able to work on the individuals’ minds and infuse confidence and courage through some professionally laid out strategies.

The Bravest Thing You Can Do Is Ask For Help! We Are Here For You!

Get the Help You Need

These include:

  • Promoting mental health literacy through community education and awareness programs.
  • Ensuring personal and professional attention through therapies, counselling and suicide prevention programs.
  • Building up a strong social network and thereby a sense of belonging within communities.
  • Create timely awareness on the social and economic impact of suicides on surviving family members.
  • Implementing crisis implementing programs.

Suicides can be prevented by addressing underlying causes and taking preventive measures. Seeking expert advice rather than making personal decisions to solve the issue is highly recommended. You can openly share your feelings, concerns, and fears in a non-judgmental environment. Help is always available - reach out to our Suicide Prevention Helpline at +91 9071703525. You are not alone; we are here to listen, understand, and offer hope when you need it most. Visit us at Maarga Mindcare, where we can make a positive impact on your family member who may be at risk.

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