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Social Media Addiction. How Much is Too Much?

Social Media Addiction. How Much is Too Much?

Technology continues to have a tremendous impact on our individual lives. Nothing is more evident than the emergence of social media which has taken the world by storm. However, according to eminent experts connected with social media addiction treatment in Bangalore, as much as social media has come out as a boon, it has also brought in a huge number of challenges.

In this article, expert doctors from MaargaMindcare share a few important thoughts on social media and its impact.

What is Social Media Addiction?

In addition to the traditional print media and electronic media, technology has brought in new innovations in the form of social media platforms that have made communication and connectivity,  phenomenally easy and consistent. Prominently heard of social media platforms include Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, TikTok to quote a few.

However, according to specialists well-known for the treatment of social media addiction in Bangalore, too much exposure to these social media platforms has had a deep impact on individuals. So much so that their daily routines in life have been affected. 

Recognizing the Signs 

Like any symptom associated with a specific disease, if identified and diagnosed earlier, can define a successful treatment method, recognizing the following signs related to social media addiction and taking appropriate action can reduce long-term complications.

  • Cannot stay without your phone even for a brief while
  • Continuously browse news feeds, mindlessly
  • Anxiety about not being able to access your phone
  • Avoid connecting with friends and relatives on a regular basis due to an overdose of social media
  • Prioritize social media over professional and personal responsibilities

How can it impact?

Excess of social media can impact you in many ways.

  • Lead to severe mental health disorder
  • Can affect your eyes and in turn vision
  • Can impact your daily productivity at the office
  • Can impact your time with your family
  • Can disturb you with misleading information

There are many evidence-based cases to prove the harmful effects of social media and how it can impact your overall well-being. By recognizing disturbing signals early and taking appropriate care, much agony can be avoided. Hence, if you are looking for the best solution, visit MaargaMindcare, a healthcare institution par excellence and well-known for treating social media addiction with the best doctors for social media addiction in Bangalore, forming part of the core team of experts.

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