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Social Media Addiction. How Can You Overcome It?

Social Media Addiction. How Can You Overcome It?

While technology has influenced our very existence, it has also brought forth certain concerns. According to renowned experts well-known for de-addiction counselling in Bangalore, one of the widely observed impacts has been through the excessive use of social media.

Hence, understanding the impact of social media addiction is crucial in order to regain control and bridge the gap between our professional and personal lives.

Identifying the signs

Psychologists experienced in de-addiction therapy explain that it is important the behavioural changes that can indicate overdose of social media. Anxiety, restlessness and neglecting real life responsibilities can be some of the indicators.

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Useful tips to overcome the effects of Social Media Addiction

  • Set Boundaries: To minimize the impact, consider allocating specific timeslots for social media usage. Designated hours will help you focus on the job on hand.
  • Explore alternative hobbies: Help yourself by engaging in creative activities like gardening, painting and designing. This will shift focus away from social media fostering a healthier and more balanced life.
  • Expand your Network: Meet more friends and engage in face-to-face interactions and cultural events.
  • Spend time with nature: Spend more time by visiting places which can help you disconnect, meditate and reduce the stress caused through over exposure to social media.
  • Seek expert support: Connect with Psychologists and therapists who can provide tailor made strategies and counselling sessions to address the issue of social media addiction.

Overcoming social media addiction is an ongoing process. Hence, you will help yourself a great deal by reaching out to de-addiction and rehabilitation centre of repute to foresee any symptom that is likely to put you at risk, mentally and physically. At MaargaMindcare, we are well-equipped with what is required, both infrastructure and expertise wise, to help you feel best and confident.

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