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Know the process of Psychiatric Emergencies and Retrievals at MaargaMindcare.

Know the process of Psychiatric Emergencies and Retrievals at MaargaMindcare.

Treatment of Psychiatric Emergencies requires utmost focus, patience and a good understanding of the patient’s medical history. Experts at Maarga Mindcare combine passion and compassion in a systematic method to handle these tricky medical conditions. 

In this article, experienced Psychiatrists share how the process of Retrievals (assisted admissions) with respect to bringing in a patient from the place of psychiatric emergency until recovery unfolds.

The Safe process as it happens

  • These admissions are carried out strictly adhering to a legal framework titled Mental Healthcare Act 2017.
  • This Act enables hospitals to bring in patients who are under severe mental ill health and hold the risk of causing harm to themselves or people and property in their surroundings.
  • The hospitals bring in patients who are violent and refuse to see a psychiatrist and then discuss the situation and way forward with the families.
  • Maarga Mindcare is well-known for its Emergency Psychiatric Services in Bangalore.
  • The process begins at our reception desk where distress calls seeking assistance are received from the family member of the patient in distress due to a psychiatric emergency.
  • The attending officer at the reception desk records all the demographic data of the patient and verifies his/her identity through valid photo-identity documents. The residential address of the patient is recorded.
  • If the patient has suffered a psychiatric attack at a place other than his residence, then the address of that place along with the details of the caller with his phone number is recorded.
  • The family member is comforted on the phone and all support is extended in a very empathetic way.
  • Once all the required patient information is collected, the receptionist directs the patient attender on call to the available psychiatric consultant at the hospital.
  • The consultant records all the clinical information with respect to the patient and his past medical history with respect to any mental health issues, as described by the family member.
  • As the patient needs to be picked up from his residence, the consultant makes sure that he fulfills all the criteria enlisted under Mental Healthcare Act 2017. 
  • In this case consent has to be sought from the family members under the criteria, “Application to be admitted under high support needs” to physically shift the patient from his residence to the hospital.
  • The consultant approves the correctness of the information received and shares it with our Retrieval team Nurse who immediately arranges a medical team comprising trained nurses, experienced psychiatrist, security guard and an Ambulance.
  • In case the patient is a female then more female support staff is added to the team as required.
  • On reaching the patient’s residence, a request to enter the residence is sought from the patient’s family prior to our team entering inside.
  • Extreme care is taken by our experienced staff to ensure that no damage or discomfort is caused either to property of family members, respectively.
  • In case the patient is not accessible or is at a public place then the family members are requested to contact the nearest police station and seek their assistance in supporting the patient to be taken to the hospital under our guidance
  • Before shifting the patient to the hospital, our staff will speak to the patient in a caring way and make him/her aware as to why he/her is being shifted to the hospital.
  • Maarga Mindcare has an excellent track record of handling more than 500+ Emergency Retrieval cases where the situation was challenging and seeing the patient back home healthy after a successful treatment.
  • As per law, the patient has to be assessed for any mental illness and a confirmed report has to be generated within 72 hours of the patient arriving at the hospital. We follow this very strictly.
  • This information is shared with the patient and his family before the patient is shifted.
  • If there is no evidence of any mental illness the patient is discharged.
  • If the patient is highly unstable then some medications as per Mental Healthcare Act is administered to stabilize him.
  • He is taken to the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and complete personal attention is given to him by the ICU staff and consultant psychiatrist.
  • After assessing all his vital parameters and physical health, the consultant apprises the family members of the patient’s condition and the mode of treatment with duration. 
  • The entire process is transparent as it is periodically monitored and assessed for performance by officials from the Government Mental Health Review Board.
  • The entire process is handled smoothly and most methodically with absolutely no discomfort at any stage to either family members or patients.
  • Patient’s comfort and wellness is our top priority from the time he is shifted to the hospital from his residence, till he is discharged and reaches his residence after Treatment
  • An independent patient care coordinator is also offered to the patient to make him feel assured and comfortable.
  • Retrieval is an important process adopted to support a patient who has suffered a panic attack or a Psychiatric Emergency and is refusing to seek medical health.

When to contact Maarga Mindcare

  • Patients getting aggressive and violent
  • Patient is depressed and attempts suicide or self-harm
  • Patients who have lost appetite, do not socialize, do not cooperate

Psychiatric emergencies are challenging to handle. At the same time, a quick decision to meet a psychiatrist and attention can save a lot of hardships. If you or your loved one needs high-quality and professional attention during a psychiatric emergency, reach out to Maarga Mindcare. You can then relax under the care and attention of the top psychiatrist in Bangalore.

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