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How to get rid of anxiety disorder?

How to get rid of anxiety disorder?

Several people come across anxiety at one point of time in their lives. The mental health disorder refers to the collective feelings of despair, melancholy and stress about things that might affect one’s life. Taking on excessive stress can result in panic attacks and impaired cognitive facilities.

Moreover, people are surrounded by strands of complacency when they undergo anxiety disorders and fear disastrous consequences. They are engrossed in the vicious circle of thoughts, exhibit altered behaviour, experience inexplicable states of consciousness and ruminate about past events.

Symptoms of panic attacks

It is absolutely normal to experience occasional anxiety however prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness and emptiness need special attention. People are often nervous about the outcome of things, feel exhausted or worn out, have a problem falling asleep, suffer from metabolic issues, have weight issues, are worried and constantly look in one direction.


Causes of anxiety and depression

Dealing with maladaptive behaviour

A handful of people are unable to cope with the emotional challenges or events in their lives and exhibit unpredictable defence mechanisms. When the coping strategies backfire, these result in maladaptive behavioural patterns. Instead of helping the person cope with the situation, these patterns sabotage one’s life and this leads to stress or the inability to bounce back.

Having a specific genetic disposition

Research points out the fact that people who have a family history of anxiety disorders are likely to develop them. There are a couple of genes that affect one’s personality traits, cognitive patterns and behavioural tendencies.

Experiencing unmitigated stress

Traumatic events deteriorate the essence of life and sap a person’s energy. When people constantly think about the repercussions of things, they invite trouble for themselves. Stressed individuals have a high level of cortisol in their bodies which results in excessive tension and anxiety attacks.

Working at a stretch without giving adequate rest to the body causes stress and makes the chemical configurations in the brain go haywire. It is necessary to maintain a work-life balance and have a breather that allows one to rewind.

Undergoing medical conditions

It is also because of the effects of certain medicines and drugs that one becomes upset in life. Experiencing thyroid problems, having seizures, living with lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis and leading a sedentary lifestyle lead to anxiety disorders.

Living in an unconducive environment

Folks who live in regions with abysmal pollution levels, crass cacophony and lack of hygiene develop anxiety issues. Also, one’s inability to analyse life situations and see the brighter picture or fins plausible solutions to the problems takes a toll on a person’s mental health.

Undergoing emotional neglect, being exposed to verbal fights, showcasing an aggressive temperament and being impatient are also the root causes of anxiety disorders.

How to get rid of anxiety attack

It is imperative to get a psychological evaluation if you feel anxious. Cognitive behavioural therapy works wonders to cure anxiety disorders from its roots. During the session, the counsellor offers suggestions that help patients develop a positive relationship with themselves, find the triggers of their mental issues and prevent relapses.

With the advancement of medical technology, online therapy for anxiety and depression has become quite popular.

Apart from this, certain anti-anxiety medications are used to treat mental ailments. These foster neural connections and contribute to the formation of dendrites in the brain by enabling them to carry messages and normalize thought patterns.

Also, sedatives and beta-blockers calm the nerves and help a person get some respite from tension or stress. One must exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water, sleep well and keep him/herself occupied.

Summing it up, people all over the world are prone to anxiety attacks. Being constantly glued to digital devices, living in isolated areas and indulging in overthinking plays havoc with one’s mental health. If you experience anxiety disorders, then visit doctors for social anxiety disorders in Bangalore.


If you want the best psychiatric care, visit Maarga Mind Care. It is important to know that anxiety disorders must not be swept under the carpet. These require immediate attention and the clinic has a panel of doctors who have treated numerous cases successfully.

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