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How does MaargaMindcare – Day Care Centre Help Children with Learning Disabilities?

How does MaargaMindcare – Day Care Centre Help Children with Learning Disabilities?

One of the crucial phases in your children’s growth is the period when they start schooling. These initial years can define the path forward for your children. However, according to experts associated with the Best Daycare Centre in Bangalore, these years are not short of challenges, and the most widely observed among those challenges are for children who suffer from learning disabilities. 

What is a Learning Disability?

Experienced doctors associated with MaargaMindcare, a renowned medical centre well-known for successfully addressing the most complex mental health issues, define a learning disability among children as a condition where the brain gathers input and produces an output that is not as expected or desired. . 

These learning disabilities, which could have been present for a long time even before diagnosis, affect the child’s ability to learn a particular skill and then use it, leading to below-par performance.. 

Learning Disorders - Types

Some of the commonly observed Types of Learning Disabilities include:

  • Ability to read correctly (Dyslexia)

    Learning disorders with reading are closely tied to children’s ability to understand speech. It can challenge your child when it comes to reading at a particular pace, understanding what they read, memorizing the content, and more importantly, correlating letters with sound. (This particular disorder is referred to as Dyslexia)

  • Ability to write fluently (Dysgraphia)

    This type of disorder is referred to as Dysgraphia. Usually, this condition affects your child’s ability to write fast, form letters, write incorrectly leading to wrong spellings and grammar

  • Difficulty understanding Math (Dyscalculia)

    Referred to as Dyscalculia, this type of learning disability challenges your child’s ability to understand how numbers work, solve problems, and understand and use different types of symbols.

  • ADHD

    ADHD is associated with deficits in reasoning and comprehension. Children with ADHD may experience difficulty in writing, reading, organizing their possessions, verbally explaining their emotions, and in logical analysis. Due to intermittent inattention, cognitive impairment is also commonly observed in these children.

  • Speech and Language Skills

    Children with Speech and Language disorders can have trouble understanding and writing or reading words. As a result, it can impact their ability to perform activities such as forming sentences, answering questions, and following instructions and suggestions

Causes of Learning Disabilities

Experienced doctors indicate that the following factors can lead to learning disabilities. 

  • Birth defects.
  • Family history and genes
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical disability due to accidents.
  • Exposure to toxic substances. 

How does MaargaMindcare Help?

MaargaMindcare has combined subject matter experts and a compassionate approach to be of maximum benefit to children with learning disabilities. As an institution of national and international repute for the treatment of learning disabilities, it has evidence-based treatment programs that have had a positive impact on thousands of children with learning disabilities. 

The methodical treatment approach adopted includes:

  • Independent attention to your child under the guidance of an experienced teacher or trained professional.
  • Depending on your child’s exact requirements, draft out Individualized Education Programs to suit your child’s specific needs
  • Specifically designed classrooms for children with learning disabilities that can create a progressive atmosphere
  • Health experts working in parallel. 
  • Speech and language therapies if required.

MaargaMindcare understands the importance of building up a sustained and steady future for students with learning disabilities and transforming them into confident young individuals. We have what it takes to take these children out of trouble and welcome them to an exciting new world of opportunities. 

Our Day Care center operates daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, providing a convenient option for parents to entrust their children to our care in the morning and pick them up in the evening. This ensures that children do not have to be separated from their parents during treatment. Contact us for more details and treatment options.

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