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How do I know if my Child needs Mental Help?

How do I know if my Child needs Mental Help?

It is not just adults who face challenges due to mental illness. With rapid changes in lifestyle, even children are facing mental health disorders that impact them a great deal.  It is therefore crucial that parents, guardians or educators recognize the symptoms of mental health problems in children early so that the cause can be identified and a prompt treatment plan be formulated.

Experts share a few indications in this article on when to connect with a child psychiatrist.


Certain factors can indicate the possible signs of mental illness in children.

  • Change in behaviour

    How your child reacts or behaves when confronted in an uncomfortable situation is one of the foremost indicators. Especially during an irritating situation, sudden swings in mood or poor performance in the academic career with low productivity. Behaviour can indicate possible mental distress.

  • Symptoms

    Sometimes basic physical symptoms such as always being tired, sleep disorders and headaches can relate to possible mental agony in children. Any unforeseen event that the child has either observed or gotten involved in can lead to mental distress showing the above symptoms.

  • Emotional stress

    Children are quite often subjected to emotional stress due to various factors. These include worry, fear or even anger. These emotional changes or variations can be observed when your child reacts to the above factors. A continued behaviour signifying any of the above factors will need a thorough evaluation by a psychiatrist.

  • Isolation

    Social disconnect can be very worrisome and signal a potential mental disorder. Staying away from family members or interacting with friends for a considerably long time can put your child under severe mental stress due to isolation.

  • Problems in School

    This is a common reason why children face mental health issues.  The approach of teachers towards students could contribute towards a potential mental illness. The behaviour of children when they return from school needs to be closely monitored.

    Recognising the signs early is the best beginning. You can save a lot of agony for yourself and your child by staying vigilant for behavioural, emotional, physical, and academic indicators. Moreover, it would help a great deal if you get professional guidance from experts or the best paediatric psychiatrist in Bangalore.

    If you or your loved one is looking for professional and high-quality attention for your child concerning mental evaluation, feel free to walk into MaargaMindcare and meet our experts, today.

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