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How Can You Decide Whether Your Child Is Autistic or Not?

How Can You Decide Whether Your Child Is Autistic or Not?

One of the key parameters that helps parents study the growth of their children is their behavioural patterns right from childhood days. However, according to experts who have successfully addressed children’s problems-behaviours, there could be medical conditions that can impact a steady growth process. One such condition that is very commonly observed is Autism.

Experienced psychiatric doctors well-known for cognitive behavioural therapy for children explain that while it is important to consult the right medical professional, understanding more about Autism can help you understand children suffering from the condition, in a more confident way.

Here’s a simple guide to help you identify whether your child is Autistic or not.

  • Understand what Autism is all about
    • It is a complex neurological condition that affects communication, social interaction and behaviour in your child at the various development phases.
    • The symptoms of Autism can vary from child to child depending upon severity.
    • Children with Autism may find it difficult to express themselves clearly or engage in social interactions with people.
  • Watch out for these behavioural signs
    • Interaction with others
    • Making eye to eye contact
    • Responses and reflex actions
    • Communication skills
  • Development progress
    • Time taken to keep that first step into walking
    • Time taken to speak or communicate
    • Approach while starting to interact
    • Temperament
  • Expert’s opinion
    • Understand the importance of early intervention.
    • Connect with organizations that can help with references to good and experienced doctors.
    • Discuss observations clearly and confidently with experts.
    • Seek specific advice from experts in diagnosing and addressing Autism.

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It is important to address complex conditions like Autism by identifying the symptoms during the early stages. However, this activity requires expert attention with abundant experience. Hence, do not take the risk of trying to do something extraordinary. Bring your child to us at MaargaMindcare and leave the rest to our experienced child psychiatrists in Bangalore. We will do what it requires to see that your child is back to its very best and leads a happy life with you.

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