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Explore the Link Between Depression and Its Impact on Physical Health

Explore the Link Between Depression and Its Impact on Physical Health

Depression profoundly affects one’s physical health. When people come across melancholic events in life, they experience pangs of anxiety. This surmounts to improper physical appearance, negative mood patterns, a stream of diseases engulfing one’s life and an overall dysfunction of the systems.

During these circumstances, it is best to google for the best psychiatric emergency near me and get oneself treated at the earliest.

Research suggests that 7.5 % of Indians suffer from mental disorders that affect their quality of life. About one in five Indians undergo depression at one point of time on their lives.

Let’s look at the symptoms of anxiety and depression:-

Having unregulated sleep patterns

If you experience altered states of consciousness and cannot get enough sleep, then opt for ways to soothe your nerves. Conditions such as insomnia and prolonged headaches sap one’s energy and rob the essence of life.

Experiencing unexpected weight gain or loss

When folks undergo depression, they often gain or lose a considerable amount of weight without any specific causes. Also, one’s metabolism goes for a toss and people might have an urge to indulge in mindless eating or excessive drinking to relax their depressive thoughts.

Low mood

People feel low, gloomy and often cry for no reason. Sometimes feeling low becomes more as the day progress

Decreased energy level

People with depression gets easily tired for small work, confines themselves to one place most of the day, decrease interaction with family, friends and colleagues which wasn’t used to be earlier.

Loss of interest

Lack of interest in the activities which he use to be interested earlier

Spotting inflammation

Depression wrecks havoc in the lives of people. It alters the immune system and causes an imbalance of hormones in the body. This eventually changes the body’s fluid levels, leading to inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, auto-immune disorder and chronic swelling.

Here’s a rundown into the causes of anxiety and depression:-

Having a specific genetic disposition

Studies suggest that depression is caused by genes and has a relation with family history. Often children inherit their behavioural traits from their ancestors and if there have been instances of depression, then it is likely for the progeny to have so.

Coming across abnormal medical conditions

Quite certainly, depression results from a spate of other ailments. It is an off-shoot of psychosis, catatonia and other mental health issues. If individuals experience academic/work stress and cannot cope with the circumstances, they are likely to be depressed. Also, physical disorders, such as heart disease, stomach conditions, injuries and neuropsychological illnesses cause depression.

Being inadequate in life

In some cases, the death of a closed one or having faced debilitating circumstances such as trauma, abuse, failure to fulfil the commitments of life and a sense of emptiness lead to depression. Moreover, a lack of motivation, plummeting concentration levels, fluctuating behavioural patterns and OCD create mayhem in life.

Ways to seek treatment to keep the signs and symptoms of depression at bay:-

Take antidepressants

Medicines such as lorazepam muscle-relaxing properties…

Go in for a therapy

Getting electroconvulsive therapy done is simple as this resets the brain’s chemical configurations and promotes the formation of synapses in the dendrites.

Also, psychotherapy helps people get some respite from the bothersome phases of their life. During the counselling sessions, the best doctors for depression treatment in Bangalore listen to the grievances of the patients and advise them to develop impeccable cognitive health through regular exercise and good nutrition.

Summing it up, depression severely affects people of all ages and walks of life. It has an effect on one’s physical health as it alters a person’s appearance, behaviour, social interactions, bodily functions and emotional state. It is imperative to visit a psychiatrist and go in for therapy or take anti-depressants to restore normalcy in life.


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