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Demystifying Mental Health Disorders: Understanding the Different Types and Common Symptoms

Demystifying Mental Health Disorders: Understanding the Different Types and Common Symptoms

Several folks come across mental health issues that sap their energy and deteriorate the essence of life. Scientists have discovered a gamut of mental illnesses or psychosocial states that alter one’s cognitive abilities, behavioural patterns and physical attributes, personality and take a toll on a person’s social, academic, personal or work life.

People often google the treatments of OCD near me to nip the evil in the bud. Research suggests that there are different types of mental health disorders that affect one in every ten people all over the world.

Experiencing anxiety issues, undergoing psychosis/neurosis, having fluctuating mood patterns, possessing narcissistic tendencies, suffering from immense stress, practising self-harming techniques and being diagnosed with OCDs are some of the ailments that make life go haywire.

For instance, mental health policies in Bangalore have been formulated to promote the goodwill of patients and cure the sea of humanity suffering from ailments.

The spectrum of symptoms

When folks exhibit unpredictable behavioural patterns, have an attitudinal shift and display altered states of consciousness, neurodevelopmental disorders get the better of them.

Moreover, being anxious about things around oneself, experiencing changes in appetite, having problems while falling asleep, having delusions or hallucinations and losing interest amount to the fact that people need psychiatric care.

The types of stress in psychology have been categorized according to the severity of the ailment, signs and treatment. Acute, chronic, good and bad stress are some of its divisions.


Causes of mental health issues

Experiencing fear or trauma

Anxiety disorders are caused because of experiencing stress and being unsure about the outcome of things. Psychotic individuals find interacting with their peers or other people difficult as they go through social anxiety.

Being stressed about one’s work or academic life makes people thrive on their insecurities. When children get separated from their loved ones, they fall prey to various mental health issues as they are unable to cope with the adversities of life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is determined by experiencing nightmares and flashbacks of unsavoury events. People have a fatalistic approach and often try to ponder over things that could have done better in their lives.

Having low-self esteem issues

Psychological disorders such as depression are caused when folks are surrounded by strands of melancholy, have suicidal thoughts and lose the spark in their life. Such individuals have abysmal hopes about the future, suffer from hopelessness and are easily exhausted by doing small tasks.

Prolonged feelings of sadness and depression are characterized by incoherent thought patterns, feelings of guilt and being engrossed in one’s self-fulfilling prophecies.

Possessing impulsive behaviour or aggressive temperament

Bipolar individuals suffer from disruptive cognitive abilities and altered states of awareness. They are reckless, survive on drugs and are extremely possessive about things. Such folks are not considered to be mentally unstable and might have relapses or nervous breakdowns at the drop of a hat.

Moreover, they do not exercise their free will, have coloured perceptions about things, experience irritable thoughts and give a veritable display of their anger.

On the other hand, schizophrenic individuals have disorganized thinking patterns and cannot associate themselves with reality. Factors such ascognitive dissonance, social loafing and uncoordinated bodily movements affect their quality of life.

Ways to treat the mental disorders

Several mental health hospitals in Bangalore employ doctors that treat psychological disorders by prescribing medication or conducting psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy promotes neural development by fostering a positive relationship with ones’ self.

During these psychiatric sessions, patients speak their heart out and a group of counsellors provide them with suggestions that help restore normalcy in life. Mental health therapy for families works wonders in eradicating the disease from its essence.

It is good to go in for alternative therapies such as massage or acupuncture that rejuvenate the nerve impulses and promote the circulation of blood. Also, brain stimulation therapies such as TMS and ECT conducted at the neuropsychiatric hospitals in Bangalore India alter the formation of neurons and reset the chemical configurations in the brain.

Apart from this, it is necessary to exercise regularly, consume a balanced diet, maintain exceptional levels of hygiene and keep one occupied to remain in the pink of health. Striking a work-life balance is good as it provides a breather that allows time for relaxation and improvement.

Summing it up, several neurodevelopmental disorders are a result of environmental or biological factors that upset the trajectory of life. If you encounter such mental health issues, then pay a visit to the doctor at the earliest.


Psychological issues are more than experiencing altered states of consciousness or undergoing cognitive impairment, these affect one’s attitude in life. If you want to avail the best psychiatric care, then visit Maarga Mind Care. Our Hospital has a stream of skilled psychiatrists who have treated several patients successfully and enhanced their lives.

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