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Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome. How to Overcome It?

Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome. How to Overcome It?

Parenting is one of life's most precious experiences, filled with joy as we witness our children progress through various phases. However, there comes a moment when your son or daughter must leave the cocoon of love and affection you've created to establish themselves in the world, leading to what is known as Empty Nest Syndrome. 

Understanding Empty Nest Syndrome

Experts in the Treatment of Empty Nest-related Depression explain this condition as moments of sadness or distress that patients experience when their children move out to face the challenging world. The thought of being away from loved ones, not just for a day or two but possibly for months or years, causes significant anxiety, grief, irritability, and fear.  

How do you prepare yourself to handle this situation? Expert Psychologists with abundant experience in Empty Nest Syndrome Treatment share valuable tips.

Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome

It's all about accepting reality and preparing yourself to re-organize yourself. 

  • Reconnecting with your partner

    Get back to those initial days with your spouse/partner before having children. Now that you have fulfilled your initial responsibilities regarding your children’s upbringing, consider dedicating more time to each other and exploring the beautiful world. Create new memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Convert Hobbies into Routines

    Did you have any hobbies that you had to put aside as parenting took away most of your time? Now is the time to revisit those hobbies and make them routine activities. This can breathe new life into you and create new sources of activity.

  • Explore new challenges

    This could be your best time to explore new opportunities, like charity work or even earning opportunities with small-time, stress-free assignments. This can help in developing a strong mind and moving on with life.

  • Make new friends. Establish new relationships

    This is extremely important as it can help your mind deviate from your children and create your own space within society.

  • Avoid following too much on your children or micromanage

    It is natural and understandable that as loving parents, you cannot stay away from your children for long. However, resist resorting to alternate ways to find out how your children are doing. This is the time for them to put into practical use what they have learned from you.

Empty Nest Syndrome is more to do with your mind, and with the passing of time, you will come to terms with reality and re-organize yourself. However, you could do a world of good for yourself by seeking expert guidance on how best it can be done. Mental Health Counselling can be the best way to begin, and who better than the experts at Maarga Mindcare to show you the way.

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