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10 Bad habits that are affecting your mental health

10 Bad habits that are affecting your mental health

Remarkably, human behaviour is a universe of complicated emotions. At times, several psychosocial disabilities upset one’s mental equilibrium. Mental health encompasses a good well-being, accurately timed emotional responses and optimally functioning neuro-cognitive faculties.  

Also, it is imperative to maintain exceptional levels of hygiene/sanitation to be in your elements and ward off negative vibes.

These obsessive traits make people vulnerable to psychological ailments such as psychosis, bipolar disease and neurosis. Opting for a psychiatrist consultation in Bangaloreis a great choice to come to terms with the menace.

Here’s a rundown of ten habits that might upset one’s mental equilibrium:-

Taking chronic stress

Many times, folks anxiously ruminate over things that affect their memory, perception and cerebral hemispheres in turn sapping their energy. It is essential to filter one’s headspace as a toxic stream of thoughts slaughters the brain cells.

Apart from this, individuals must remember that life is a precious gift and there is no good in taking things seriously. Controlling one’s reactions to events, revisiting memorable events and not harbouring over the past is vital to restore normalcy.

Having inadequate nutrition

Intake of junk food and not having meals at the right time affect one’s neural coordination. Imitating diet trends or eating less calories in order to lose weight or conserve energy does no good.

Also, a proportionate amount of micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals is necessary for survival. Improper eating habits lead to a lack of motivation and mood swings as one becomes jittery by not having culinary delicacies to his/her heart’s desire.

Undergoing fluctuating hydration levels

Scientific evidence says that fluctuating fluid levels in the body affect one’s mental faculties. Keeping oneself hydrated by drinking lots of water is essential for one’s composure. Diluting water levels triggers stress and creates chaos.

Having irregular sleeping patterns

Being intrinsically motivated to maintain a healthy life yields excellent results. Cognitive scientists suggest that it is crucial to maintain a well-regulated circadian rhythm to accelerate cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving and coordination.

It is recommended to sleep for 8-10 hours a day. Having an all-nighter makes body hormones go haywire transforming people into zombies with no self-control. Also, experiencing altered states of consciousness or exhibiting vegetative behaviour makes metacognition go for a toss.

Evading workout routines

Standing and sitting well by keeping one’s spine straight is always good. Maintaining a good posture elevates one’s self-esteem, reduces fatigue and increases blood flow to the brain.

Doing yoga, stretches, isotonic/isometric exercises and meditation helps create healthy neurons, fresh nerve cells and mental pathways. Engaging in some form of movement can alleviate psychological symptoms of depression and catatonia.

By not adhering to workout schedules and procrastinating fitness goals, people dig a grave for themselves.

Living a lackadaisical life

Bad-mouthing people, being addicted to drugs, drinking severe alcohol and smoking are the underlying causes of a disfigured mental orientation.

Besides this, lying in bed all day, being exposed to digital devices and having a depressing mindset contribute to mental disparities. It is essential to live life fruitfully without jeopardising one’s ambitions. Folks often google the best psychiatrist near me to find a cure for their neuro-cognitive issues. 

Experiencing feelings of self-deprecation

Research suggests that pessimistic thinking and predicting the worst consequences infuse feelings of regret in individuals that transports them to a meaningless void.

Usually, people are guilty of things they should not have done and beat themselves up. It is high time that folks be practical and let things go as one gains nothing by repeating mental tapes.

Folks should realise that our delicate brains need happiness, flowery thoughts and positive vibrations to manifest in the universe. Interestingly, it is better not to water demonic thoughts that create an ocean of obstacles for the mind to battle.

Giving into complacency

Research suggests that individuals who exhibit laziness invite problems for themselves. The human body is designed for movement and being idle, blabbering aimlessly or endorsing inactivity exacerbates the condition.

People who sit for excessively long hours or while away their time develop abnormal chemical configurations in their temporal lobe. Consequently, their neural connections fade away and they dissociate themselves from reality.

Also, procrastinating folks remain in a fluid state of mind or a trance as they cannot manage their schedule seamlessly.

Demonstrating perfectionist tendencies

It is good to pursue excellence and make alterations to one’s perception. Being preoccupied with notions of perfection, setting unrealistic goals and undermining one’s efforts to succeed in life are things that set you up for failure.

Moreover, perfectionism resembles a mirage that looks easy on the eyes with a pseudo-existence. Therefore, acknowledging the bounties of life and living each day as it comes is worthwhile.

Taking financial empowerment light-heartedly

Many a time, people go into a downward spiral of emotions because they lack empowerment. The best psychology doctor in Bangalore remarks that high levels of co-dependency, inorganic occurrence of events and exceedingly high expectations from your loved ones take a toll on one’s health.

All and sundry need to earn an honest living and be empowered. A sense of financial freedom uplifts one perception and gives rise to positive thoughts.

Let’s hear from the experts:-

  • Thomas Szasz, a prolific writer remarks that mental illness does not have a solidified existence and its ramifications do not hold water. 
  • Kierra CT Banks, a mental health professional says that an individual is a catalyst to change and he/she positively contributes to the alterations in the universe.  
  • Mandy Collins, a British influencer opines when one hits rock bottom, he/she strives to become the better version of themselves and begins to beat adversity.

Interesting trivia:-

  • People with mental health issues are violated their rights, discriminated against and often die two decades early because of their altered consciousness.
  • Nearly 1 billion people suffer from mental disorders worldwide in 2023.
  • The World Health Organisation launched a World Mental Health Report in 2022 to spread the word about accessible psychological treatments.

To sum it up, having a healthy lifestyle and expressing gratitude for one’s life can help curb mental ailments. When people exhibit complacency, lack a self-driven attitude and ponder over other’s lives, they waste their breath.  Bouncing back and navigating through the labyrinth of obstacles is always good. It is essential to embrace life, shower happiness and keep things in an apple pie order to celebrate one’s existence.


If you want to know more about psychological health, visit Maarga Mind Care. The website has well-written blogs that elaborate on several aspects of mental health.

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