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Ms. Sushmita P Nayak

6 Years of Experience


09:30am - 5:00 pm (Mon to Sat)


Consultant Clinical Psychologist


M.Sc. Clinical Psychology


Sushmita P. Nayak, a college topper, holds a Master's in Clinical Psychology and possesses 6 years of extensive experience with organizations like Cadabams, Apollo Hospitals, Mindful TMS, and Curefit. Her diverse experience spans working with individuals of different age groups and addressing a wide range of mental health issues. Her counseling expertise covers various disorders, from stress, depression, and anxiety to relationship issues. She has handled complicated cases of addiction, infertility , pre peri post natal stress, trauma and child psychology

She collaborated with people from 20+ countries and held roles like project team lead, psychologist and wellness coach at Accenture Meta in Bangkok. She is also an  author, yoga instructor, partner therapist, online coach and soft skills trainer. Currently, she works as a clinical psychologist and child specialist at Maarga. Sushmita is recognized by the Thai Psychologist Association and is an affiliate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. She's also internationally certified as a TMS therapist for Depression and OCD by Magventure USA. In addition, she has delivered 100+ corporate health talks and webinars for prestigious organizations such as Cognizant, Harman, Vibgyor International, Schneider Electric, and Agarwal Hospitals.With a track record of four consecutive Apollo Reward and Recognition card wins and high ratings during her tenure at Cure Fit, Sushmita has conducted the most sessions on a Pan India level at Apollo 24/7 in the psychology/psychiatry department, representing Apollo Clinic Koramangala. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Sushmita is dedicated to addressing mental health challenges and promoting positivity as evidenced by her authored book 'Mind Black & White' aimed at shedding light on overcoming negativity and fostering hope.


List of Services Provided:

Short-term counseling therapy

Counseling services

Relaxation therapy sessions

Soothing music therapy

Aromatherapy sessions

Anti-burnout therapy

Unlock your mental potential sessions

Stress reduction and relaxation sessions

Talk therapy

Psychometric assessments

Tailored solution-focused therapy

Therapy for sleep disorders

Mind decluttering techniques

Mental well-being therapy

Stress-reprogramming therapy

Recovery after depression therapy

OCD and Anxiety therapy

Infertility support therapy

Wellness course for a joyful pregnancy

postpartum depression counseling 

perinatal stress therapy 

Therapy for trauma and healing

work stress therapy

Counseling for relationship challenges

Child psychology assessment, counseling and therapy.

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