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Ms. Sahana S

5 Years of Experience


2.00 PM TO 6.00 PM (MON TO SAT)


Consultant Child Psychologist




Sahana S, A dedicated Child Psychologist, holds an M.Sc. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from SDM PG College, Ujire (Mangalore University), with a primary focus on child psychology. She possesses extensive expertise in behavior therapy, psychoeducational assessments, parent counseling, and is actively involved in mentoring newcomers in the field and conducting workshops on various child psychology topics. With four years of invaluable experience, Sahana S firmly believes in creating a secure and nurturing space for children, allowing them to express themselves freely, while guiding them in identifying, exploring, and achieving their desired goals. Her multilingual proficiency in Kannada, Hindi, and English further enhances her ability to connect with and assist diverse clients.

Areas of expertise: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) | Anxiety | Bipolar Disorder |  Personality Disorder | Suicidal Behavior | Learning Disability | PTSD

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