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Ms. Rajata Sarkar

17 Years of Experience




Counselling Psychologist


MSc - Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Counselling Skills


Ms. Rajata Sarkar is a practicing as a counsellor with an experience of 15+ years. She obtained her MSc degree  in Psychology from University of Madras. She is trained counselor DCS from Banjara Academy.

As she chooses to become the Counsellor, her first step in the field of counseling was handling family issues, disputes, relationship crisis and lots more related to the caring environment. Since then, it is more than a decade she is working to create a better parenting abilities in most of the families, helping them to deal day to day anxieties with their children in this demanding society. Along with her studies and family experience, handling the anxiety , depression , stress and other emotional issues in different areas like  banking sector, education institutions and others, project work on foster care and service in rehabilitation center has added a great value of knowledge in handling the unique people with facing the same problem.

She believes  'Each person has the potency to face the difficult situation in a positive manner'  does not use any particular therapy, as each individual are different in their own sense and handling their life situations.

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